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We are proud of our good attendance rates and these are reported weekly during our school assembly. Classes and children are given awards each monday for the best attendance and each class can win an 'Early Bird' award for being punctual and on time each day. Throughout the year, we will promote good attendance through initiatives like 'Every Day Counts' to encourage better attendance and punctuality. We have also introduced a new initiative, our Mr Potato Head Challenge. Each class will have an opportunity to earn rewards for their class.

Good attendance and punctuality are vital for your child's development and future success.  Please notify the school in writing or by telephone if your child is going to be absent or late.  There is an answer machine in the school office so a message can be left at any time.  A verbal message from a child is not acceptable.

Please see our Attendance Procedures for Absences below:

School attendance is a legal requirement which is enforced by Halton Borough Council – further details can be found on their website.

When a child is obviously unwell, the best place to be is at home with an adult. A sick child will be very unhappy at school and unable to cope with schoolwork.  If the illness is infectious, other children and teachers may also become ill, so the child must be kept at home.

Should your child have an infectious illness, tell us as soon as the doctor has confirmed this.

If your child needs to leave school during the day, please let us know in writing or by telephoning the school office.