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Welcome to 4/5K

Welcome to Year 4/5K, your class teacher is Mrs Kerr and your teaching assistant is Mrs Dalton. 


During the Summer Term we are reading Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl and completing lots of activities linked to the book. We are writing diary entries, analysing characters and drawing pictures using Roald Dahl's descriptions of characters. We are also going to complete some drama work and once we have read the novel watch the film and compare it to the book.                                                                                                                                                     

The main focus in Maths is on Fractions and Decimals this term and we will  be continuing to learn and practise our times tables.

States of Matter and Sound are our Science topics and in Geography are looking at maps to develop our map skills.

With this being the Summer Term we are practising Athletics and Rounders in P.E. lessons and hopefully the sun will keep shining for us to do this.


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During some of our online lessons we wrote our own poems. Below are 2 acrostic poems written by members of our class.

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An Acrostic Poem about Lockdown written by Jack H.


Looking after ourselves

Only essential shopping

Coronavirus causing chaos

Keep 2m apart at all times

Don’t know when it’s going to go

Oh yes we have a vaccine

Willing us to keep positive

Never give up hope

Back to school

An Acrostic Poem about going back to school by Brooke M.

Back to  School

Best friends playing on the yard.                                                                             Amazing laughter in the pen.                                                                                  Caring teachers watching as we play with our friends.                                        Kind Mr Worral waitiing and greeting us at the gate.

Teaching children great and fun work.                                                                  Offering good support to those who need it.

Spending time with friends again.                                                                          Children having fun during Golden Time.                                                              Having yummy lunch together.                                                                               Over all the noise teachers trying to talk.                                                              Over your head, watch out for footballs!                                                            Loving out friends as we laugh our way through school.



Our PE days are Monday and Thursday and will take place outdoors. Due to the weather children are encouraged to wear leggins, jogging bottoms, tracksuits for PE and to have their kit with them everyday so that we can try and choose our PE slot according to the better weather.


This year we are fortunate to be able to have guitar tuition for the whole class. These lessons will be on a Monday afternoon. If your child has a guitar it would be great if they could bring it to school on a Monday to use in the lesson. If not we do have guitars in school for the children to use and hopefully they will be able to bring one home to practise on in a few weeks time. 

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​​​​In a morning we come in and have a go at diffferent daily challenges. Below are some examples of the types of activities we do while everyone washes their hands, prepares for working and we have the register taken.

​​​​Challenge One​​ ​​​​​​Make a list of synonyms for the word "said" and use 5 of them in a sentence.
Challenge Two​​​ Find 5 ways to make this sentence more exciting. "The boy played in the park."​
​Challenge Three​​ ​​​Draw a plant and label the different parts.
Challenge Four​​​ ​Write an A-Z of countries.
​Challenge Five If 36​​ is the answer what is the question? Think of 5 different questions.​​​​