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My name is Sue Sparkes and I work fulltime in school as part of the School Pastoral Team; I also work closely with class teachers and support with regular school reviews.

I support our children in school by offering them some extra support if needed,  this could be a reassuring chat,  teaching them some behaviour or emotional tools which they can use, and also working with groups of children to help with things like confidence, self-esteem and friendships.

I also work closely with our Parents and Carers who may want some advice around using behaviour tools at home.  I deliver a Nurture / Positive Parenting Programme which is  on a 1:1 basis and tailored around each Family.

All the support is flexible and confidential – I am happy to have a chat if you are concerned about anything, would like some general advice or need signposting to other services in our local area.

My door is always open!

Sue  smiley