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Welcome to Nursery

In Nursery there are two members of staff. Mrs C Gibson is the class teacher and Mrs Tracey Last is the teaching assistant. We have split the children into key worker groups but the teacher has the overall responsibilty for assessments and reporting to parents. In Nursery we follow the Foundation Stage curriculum, which is made up of seven areas of learning. These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Making Relationships, Self-confidence and Self-awareness and Managing Feelings and Behaviour); Communication and Language (Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking); Physical Development (Moving and Handling and Health and Self-care); Literacy (Reading and Writing); Maths (Number and Shape, Space and Measure); Understanding the World (People and Communities, The World and Thechnology) and Expressive Arts and Design (Being Imaginative and Exploring using media and materials). 

All aspects of teaching and learning cover the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum. We teach through stories, topics and other subject areas such as speech and language groups, listeningand attention groups and phase 1 phonics. Phase 1 phonics concentrates on environmental sounds, musical instruments and their different sounds, syllables in words and robot talk. Activities to support this include listening walks, sound lotto games, investigatimg musical instruments, clapping syllables in words and talking like a robot. 




  • Our nursery sessions are Monday to Friday from 08:55 to 11:55. 
  • Snack is 25p per day or £1.25 for the full week. Please send exact money in an envelope with your child's name on.
  • PE sessions are on a Wednesday. The children only need black pumps, which can be left in school.
  • The children will be given a library book and a nursery rhyme to share with you at home. Please find the time to read the book and practice the nursery rhyme with your child. Encourage your child to talk about what is happening in the pictures in their book. Books will be changed in nursery on  Monday. If your child does not have a school book bag, they can be purchased from the school office.  
  • Please make sure all of your child's clothes and belongings are named.
  • Please, please, please do not allow your child to bring toys into nursery. They can get very upset when they get broken or lost.​ Toys are still making their way into class and the children are getting upset when told they are not allowed them. Please support us in this matter. 
  • Please send your child into school with a water bottle filled only with plain water please. 

letters and curriculum overview


Since we returned to school on Monday 8th March 2021, the children have settled in well and are once again geting used to the class rules and routines.  We hope that you and the children are happy and that you arelooking forward to getting back to some sort of normality as soon as possible.  The gates/doors will be open at 08:45 and the children will enter nursery through the building room (the door that they used before Christmas). The gates/doors will be open at 11:45 am for home time. We are still asking that you wear masks when on school premises and that only one adult drops off/picks up. 

During this half term we are learning about 'People who help us'. So far we have learnt about doctors and fire fighters. We have discussed these using power points to help us and we have made fire engine shape pictures, played with the fire engine toys and now we are learning about Vets. So far we have enjoyed playing with the toy animals and making sure they are not too poorly!     

We have also been continuing with our Phase 1 phomnics. We have learnt about rhyme and alliteration. You can continue to access the games on phonics play. The username is 'Jan21' and the password is 'home'

During continuous provision we have enjoyed doing activities such as planting bulbs for Mother's Day, watering the bulbs, writing on our cards, sorting different objects, playing on the class computers, doing cutting and sticking activities and playing with the tap a shape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Wednesday 31st March 2021 - Decorate an egg competition due in today

Thursday 1st April 2021 - finish for the Easter holidays

Monday 19th April 2021 - return to school


During the Spring Term we will contoinue to sing and dancing to sticky kids as well as using the small apparatus. We will also continue to work on some basic skills using different sized balls, coits, cones and hoops.  Hopefully we will be able to move onto the dance and gymnastic activities in the Summer Term. 

Please make sure your child has a named pair of black PE pumps in school if you haven't done so already.  We will let you know when these are too small for your child. 

Playing outdoors is great fun, especially climbing, playing with the musical instruments, pushing prams and riding bikes.

Please make sure you send a pair of wellies into school as we will need these if the weather is very wet. Please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child's name. 


PE and Outdoor Play - PHOTO GALLERY


We enjoyed making our easter egg desgins and bringing them into school for everyone to see.