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Design Technology

23-24 Projects - DT in Action



The teaching of Design Technology across the school follows the National Curriculum and our broad, balanced curriculum is taught through a variety of creative and practical design and technology projects and experiences.
There will be planned opportunities for children, which fully includes SEND, in cross-curricular links to other subjects, including computing, maths and science to enhance and extend the learning experience. Long term planning will show carefully organised units of work which will enable all children to experience food and nutrition projects, structures, textiles, mechanisms and electrical systems. Pupils will learn to develop a respect for the environment, their own health, and the safety of others. Where appropriate, there will be opportunities for educational visits to experience hands-on learning. We aim to be inspiring and enthusiastic as we teach the knowledge, understanding and practical skills, including information technology (CAD), needed to engage in an interactive and iterative process of designing and making. Children will design purposeful, functional and appealing products with an intended user in mind, based on a design criteria. Pupils will compare and evaluate products from a range of identified key designers and talk about the impact that their work has had on the world. To understand and apply the principals of nutrition and learn how to cook, food technology is implemented across the school beginning in nursery, with children developing an understanding of where food comes from, the importance of a varied and healthy diet and how to prepare a simple meal safely.
Through the study and evaluation of past and present technology they will be taught to sensitively reflect upon the impact of Design Technology on everyday life and the wider world.


Through following our robust and creative curriculum, our pupils progressively build up their practical skills throughout all their years at Brookvale, adapting them, applying them and shaping them to a wide range of products. They will leave our school with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to progress to the next stage in their education. They will be inspired by design technology, have an enquiring mind, be innovative and able to solve problems. They will have a firm understanding of the design and make processes and be able to evaluate their own and others’ design projects confidently. Children will feel inspired by the ownership of design and technology through practical, hands-on-learning which in hand will make them want to learn more. They will be able to discuss their learning and remember what they have learned. They will be able to identify key designers and talk about the impact that their work has hand on the world today. As designers, children will develop skills and attributes they can see beyond school and into adulthood.

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