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Welcome to our School Council page.​​

Our School Council meet with Mrs Dalton, Mrs Muscart and our Site Manager Mr Worrall every half term to discuss ways to improve our school both inside and out.​ On this page we will share what work they have done and any future projects.


The children wanted to encourage more wildlife into our Woodland Walk so they came up with the idea of having bird boxes in the trees. ​So they asked Year 6 with the help of Mr Worrall to design and build some bird boxes. Here are the children showing off these wonderful creations! We will have to wait until spring to see if any birds take up residence!

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School council members are often discussing lots of ideas and ways to improve our school and many other children want to also have their voice heard. So they have come up with an idea to get children to share any ideas or suggestions and post them in suggestion box by the front office. This will give our School Council lots more to discuss at their future meetings!


The School Council met with Mr Moore because the wanted to improve the outdoor spaces and add more life and colour.  So they worked with Tim from Wilder Things to redevelop our outdoor space to make it more greener and environmentally friendly to encourage more wildlife and make it a more interactive space outside to learn in. They have planted an orchard of apple and pear trees. One for each class to look after. A meadow has been sown, there has been a tree planted for every member of our school. Finally, we have our own Den Building area.