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​​ The shang dynasty

This Summer Term we will be studying the shang dynasty, where the children will develop their enquiry skills through exploring the different artefacts and using research to discover what happened in the Shang Dynasty. Also, the children will design and create their own Chinese dragons and artwork, which will all be part of their history, Art and Design and technology lessons throughout this term.​ For food technology the children will make their own bread and Chinese dishes.


K​​nowledge Organiser

Our Class Book will be Kaspar Prince of cats

Firework makers daughter


In Year 3, we cover a range of genres, which include narratives, poetry, recounts, diaries, explanations and instructions over the course of the school year. This will be based on the topic for the term or any significant events which may have taken place in that term or week. The children will learn a new skill and will then plan their writing before applying the skills which has been taught into their writing. Their final draft will be placed on display and in their Topic books.

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Our Class Read will be Wind in the Willows

Wind in the willows


We encourage the children to read at home everyday but at least three times a week. 

On a Friday, we will always have a reciprocal reading session in the morning where we will work in small groups to read a range of books and texts. Over the year we will learn and practice how to make predictions, ask questions, make clarifications and summarise each text. Everyday, we will ensure that the children will have time to enjoy some independent reading so the children will not only develop their understanding of comprehension and language but their love for reading. We will also have our class read which can be used in our Reciprocal Reading sessions.

Reciprocal Reading


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​In Year 3, we follow White Rose Maths and use a variety of resources to support our learning. For example, we also use Classroom Secrets and PowerMaths alongside the White Rose.    

Also, now that we are in Year 3 we should know our 2,5 and 10 times tables, which we will continue to practice throughout the year. By the end of Year 3 we need to know the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and I will send resources home for support.

Objectives for the term

  • Fractions

  • Time

  • Geometry

  • Mass and Capacity

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In Science, we will be learning about Sound and Electricity. Also, the children will be starting to ndependently carry out their own investigations and make careful observations when recording their results.


This half term we will have PE on a Thursday, so please make sure your child's PE kit is in school every week.


Every Friday Homework will be set for the children to complete on Google Classroom.  The children will have one week to complete the homework which has been set.