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Geography Curriculum


At Brookvale we are committed to ensuring that every child develops an understanding and a love of Geography. Our aim is to inspire pupils’ curiosity, creativity and fascination as well as providing opportunities for them to deepen their knowledge and understanding about their immediate environment and the wider world. The geography curriculum at Brookvale Primary School enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferrable to other curriculum areas. It also promotes the children’s social, moral and cultural development. Through the effective teaching and learning of Geography, we will help all children to develop an individual understanding of locational knowledge, place knowledge and human and physical geography. Fieldwork and geographical skills form a large part of our geography teaching and learning. At Brookvale we use the National Curriculum Geography guidelines to form the basis of our teaching and learning, whilst incorporating our knowledge of the children we teach.


Children at Brookvale Primary School are taught Geography in blocks throughout the year. This enables the children to develop depth in their learning as they progress through school. Knowledge, skills and understanding will be developed to show progression from Early Years through to Year 6. Geography is also taught in a crosscurricular capacity, allowing children to practise and develop skills such as observing and measuring, mapping, and collecting and analysing data. The use of ICT will also be used to further enhance the children’s learning. When teaching geography, teachers ensure that children are continuously developing their understanding of the subject. This is done through class-based lessons, school assemblies, outdoor trips, residentials and activities, speaking and listening activities and group discussions. Lessons at Brookvale are well planned and as far as possible, are tailored to meet the children’s individual needs. A combination of mixed-ability group work and independent activities allows the children to learn geography in different ways as well as helping them to learn from each other. It also encourages them to communicate their findings with all children in their class. In Early Years, teachers will provide opportunities for the children to develop their curiosity and interest in the human and physical world through investigating and asking questions about their local area. These activities will take place indoors and outdoors, helping the children to make sense of the world and their local surroundings. Early Years will be included in whole school projects, workshops, events and competitions where appropriate. All children at Brookvale will be able to develop their general awareness of social, economic and environmental issues. 


All our children arrive with different starting points and all children will achieve their very best possible. Geography will be used to develop the children’s awareness and understanding of the world in which they live. Geography will also help the children to deepen their knowledge of their local area and the wider world. The children will also develop a greater understanding of human and physical features and processes. Children’s work provides evidence of a broad and balanced curriculum and demonstrates that the children have learnt and understood key knowledge, which has been identified in the teaching of geography across the school. Children at Brookvale develop skills across the curriculum through geography-based experiences. Regular school trips and outdoor activities provide further relevant and contextual learning. 

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