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Welcome to 1/2T

Your teachers are Ms. Taylor and Mrs. Austin

Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday and are ready to start learning again.




This is a geography and science based topic where we will be exploring several different aspects of our local area.


This term we are going to learn the names of each capital city in the UK and the seas that surround us. We will be using maps and atlases to find out about the different features of our local landscape. What is happening to our area - is it changing in some way? What are the good things about it (and the not-so-good). How are we changing it?  How is our climate changing and what are we, as humans, doing to our world? We will be looking at lots of different sources of information as well as books such as 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' and 'The World that Jack Built'.


What are the name and types of plants and trees that we find in and around where we live? Can we name them? Why do they grow in a certain place and when? Are the trees ‘deciduous’ or ‘evergreen’ – what does this mean? Can we describe their structure? What kind of bark do the trees have and are they all the same? How and why should we care for their environment? We will be going for tree and plant hunts to make observations and collect data to record on a simple graph.


In our computing lessons, we will learn to use technology to collect information, research our work in geography, science and history and we will also be including using and taking photographs to compare our area with photographs from the past. We will use some of our photographs to explore an app called 'PicCollage' and create a montage.


This term, we are going to find out about Christian Churches and how some people show that they ‘belong to God’. We will also find out about Judaism and how Jewish people worship God.


In line with our science element of the topic, we are going to study the work of Georgia O’Keefe who painted abstract and still life pictures of flowers. We will then be painting our own in the same style.


Following on from our previous work on food and cooking, we will be learning which tools, equipment and ingredients we would need to use to make a simple smoothie. We will also be working on how to make a simple lever; explore textiles and sculptures and what we can do to improve our work.


We shall be composing our own music to show moods and feelings, music to represent the wind, rain, trees blowing in the wind and so on.


This term we will be working on games and how we need to be ‘team players’. After the half term, we will then move on to athletics – both track and field events – in the build up to our sports day.


When we look at our natural environment, we must learn to live in the wider world and how to take care of other living things. How do we celebrate achievement, friendships?

Our topic is, as you can see, packed full of learning! Of course, all of this will be fun – with lots of outside activities in the fresh air – let’s hope for good weather!


Georgia O'KGeorgia 2

Parent information

Snack: snack at morning break consists of a piece of fruit. This costs 20p per day, but it is better if this can be paid on Monday morning (£1 per week). Please put it in a named envelope/bag and give it to your child to bring in. He/she will be given a choice of different fruit. At each afternoon break, there will be a piece of fruit available - free of charge.

 Reading books: Your child will be given a reading book in a book band that matches his/her phonic stage. It is not ‘library’   book and needs to be read several times for fluency and practice of letter sounds. When it is brought back into school with   a signed reading diary, we will read it with your child too. If we think it needs a little more practise, we will return it to you   again. If he/she can read it fluently and answer some questions about it, it will be changed.

P.E. This term our P.E. lessons are on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Please make sure your child has a named kit (both for cold weather and indoors).


Every day the children will take part in the Daily Mile. You may have noticed that around the playground there are different coloured spots – this is our Daily Mile track. Six laps of the track equals one mile. To begin with, the children will only be walking/jogging one lap - we will increase this as the children get used to it and become even fitter! They do not need to change into a PE kit for this, but it is best if the children wear appropriate shoes/trainers. We will also be taking part in a weekly virtual challenge with other schools in the north west

Water bottles: Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school every day. They will have access to them during the day. Please remember no juice or flavoured water – it must only contain fresh water.



We encourage the children to read their reading books at home frequently. On occasion there will be more homework set which will be posted on our class page on Google Classroom.

All children have been logged in from school. Please check this site for any homework assignment weekly.