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When pupils leave Brookvale Primary we want them to have the knowledge and understanding of how to lead a healthy and active life, enabling them to make positive choices throughout their lives in relation to healthy eating and exercise. Our pupils will demonstrate perseverance, resilience, positive behaviour and attitudes in whatever changes they face in life.


Our curriculum will support the development of a broad and varied range of transferable physical skills that allow pupils to access any activity or sport with confidence. It will enable the development of problem solving and inter-personal skills and allow children, regardless of SEND, ability, gender or race to work independently, in pairs and in small groups. The PE curriculum will focus on an holistic approach with the emphasis on well-being and healthy active lifestyles in addition to developing key physical skills. For our pupils, the curriculum will have an additional focus on developing fine and gross motor skills at an early age and improving stamina and fitness throughout the school. Links within the local community will be encouraged and opportunities for pupils to access activities outside of school will be encouraged. Swimming lessons in KS2 are offered where abilities are monitored and progression encouraged. Staff plan activities for children to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities in the form of day and residential trips where they enjoy amongst others, horse riding and tobogganing. All pupils will be offered opportunities to engage in inter-school competitions and games and are actively encouraged to not only cheer their own team but to congratulate winners too, thus enhancing team spirit and fair play. The PE and Sport Premium funding is used for staff to work with specialist external coordinators to support the delivery and planning of PE. Pupils will have two taught session of PE a week alongside Active Learning incorporated into each curriculum subject area.


All our children arrive with different starting points and all children will achieve their very best possible and strive to reach their full potential. Pupils will be more skilful and competent in the way they control their movements and co-ordination. Developing their self-confidence and self-esteem will contribute to pupils’ social and emotional development including personal qualities such as commitment, fairness, tolerance, problem solving and a concern for others. By having a developing personal and social competence and the necessary skills to manage success, pupils will be able to cope with the emotional demands of losing and winning. Therefore, they will be able to retain a proper sense of perspective in competition in a wide range of sport and physical activities both in school and in the wider community. Pupils will be committed in engaging with out of hours school provision which extends and enriches the curriculum and provides opportunities for activities which will enable pupils to make progress – thus making physical activity a central part of their lives. Pupils will understand that PE and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle and understand the contribution physical activity has on having a healthy body and mind – including stamina, suppleness, strength and mental capacity (determination and resilience) to keep going.

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